Automation and manual workstations

Increase your productivity through quality assurance and excellent data.

Workmation AS Nova Assistenzsystem

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Reliable Processes

Ensure quality in manual work steps and gain information for your process optimization with comprehensive data.

Have you found such solutions too expensive, too unreliable and too time-consuming to implement? Not with us. We change that.

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Simply get started and implement your requirements step by step, without time-consuming preparatory work. Simply adapt processes directly yourself.

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Your solution does not have to have a long commissioning. Our experience and our very easy-to-use products will get you there quickly.

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Rely on reliable operation. Mature components and software used in numerous applications for industrial use.

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Save a lot of the service portion and start lean with exactly what you need.

Simply get started with digital production. With reliable processes through automation, workers guidance, quality control and documentation.

Data that you do not collect and evaluate costs you potential every single day. Now is the time to unearth your treasure trove of data.

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Products and Solutions

Use our products for your different requirements. Automatic stations or manual workstations, line with robot or individual workstations. Incoming and outgoing goods in logistics or assembly in production, our products can be used along the entire value chain.

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Integrate your peripherals and PLCs in one process control. Easy to use and integrate into your ERP/MES.

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Quality assurance in inspection stations, robots or manual workstations: Our vision technologies safeguard all processes.

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Assistance System

Digitize manual workstations, with worker guidance, inspection, data collection and documentation.


All our products generate a data pool for you. With Automation Platform Services, you can leverage your treasure trove of data. Intuitive visualizations and comprehensive data analysis is the basis for your process optimization.

Assistance System

AS Nova

The assistance system for your manual workstation. Worker guidance and inspection of the work steps. Goods receipt, assembly, packaging, quality assurance in the process: AS Nova is the safe variant for all manual activities.

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Of course, you can contact us directly with any question. We have collected some recurring questions here for you, so that you can get the necessary information faster.

How does the commissioning with Workmation work?

At the beginning, there is always the question of the match between your requirements and our services. Especially before the first order, there are many questions - we clarify this best in a personal conversation, first by phone and then at your site. It is best to arrange the free 30-minute initial customer telephone appointment.

I would like to equip an existing workstation with an AS Nova. Is this possible and what are the requirements?

The AS Nova can be attached to any workstation, including your existing stock workstation. Depending on the structure of the workstation, modifications may be necessary, which we will then coordinate with you individually.

What aspects of automation does Workmation cover?

In particular control and vision tasks, but also as an integral company to provide the necessary expertise for consulting, design and robotics with our partners.

Can Workmation recognize my components in a process-safe manner?

This can be checked in advance at no cost. Simply contact us and we will check your components. This costs you nothing.

We first need a consultation. To what extent can Workmation act as a consultant?

Our expertise is built on years of experience in automation and manual workstations. We are not alone in this, but have a strong network for various aspects of planning and implementation of measures in the field of production and handling. We can offer you tailor-made consulting and workshops, individually according to your requirements.

Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us at any time!


Simply discuss your requirements

You are curious and would like to discuss your individual requirements with us? Let's talk about it!

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